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    1500 semi-friendly list

    I've constructed a list, with the help of a few people, today, and I want your opinion on it. The original list is 1655 points, but that is amended at the end. Please note that I mainly face almost full infantry armies, the armies I face being tau (with 2 to 3 vehicles) nids (a lot of MCs) and necrons (monolith) so this army is based to combat infantry more than mech lists. But I haven't met a tank I can't beat with 2 demolishers!
    Ok, so far, the list looks a bit like this to me: Ccs-3 plasmas, meds, chimera. 180 Pts. Pcs with maybe a hw? Probably autocannon. 40 Pts. 5 infantry squads, 5 autocannons. 300 Pts.
    2 hellhounds (separate) maybe put something on these? idk. 260 Pts plain. Armored sentinel with multilaser. 55 Pts 3 (separate) russes, 2 demolisher, one plain. 480 pts. Another platoon, copy of the above one. 340 PTA. So that totals 1655, roughly. Which is a bit over my limit, I think if I take away the 2 platoon autocannons, and maybe a hellhound, that's only 5 over, which is totally acceptable where I play. But again, I wouldn't know half a thing about which units are not needed, which ones are a bit more important, so any suggestions about that?I might take out an infantry squad from each to pay for 2 more armored sentinels, these would have autocannons to compensate.

    Edit: Sorry, the list is hard to read, but I reached some sort of quota, and I can't separate the lines

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    1547 (x8)

    HQ 165 points
    Company Command Squad (In Chimera)
    4 plasma guns

    Troop 700 points
    Platoon Command Squad x2
    5 flamers (2 in 1st squad, 3 in 2nd squad)

    Infantry Squad x10
    10 Autocannons

    Fast Attack 170 points

    Scout Sentinel

    Heavy Support 480 points
    Demolisher x2

    Leman Russ Battle Tank

    1,500 points

    Something along those lines or you could take some Medusa's with Enclosed Crew Compartments instead of the other tanks. You sacrifice armor and range but they destroy troops and armor with ease with its high strength and low AP. You would have an extra 45 points left over. You could add another Scout Sentinel with a Autocannon and put a flamer in the 1st Platoon Command Squad.
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