Another thanks goes out to Number6 for the help on this idea. I am trying to make an effective Draigowing without using the almost mandatory (at this point) dreadknights that the majority of other Draigowing goes with.

I also am doing this because I really want to use at least one stormraven.


Librarian: 2 Servoskulls, Shrouding, Might of Titan, Quicksilver

10 Paladins: 2 Psycannon+Swords, 2 Psycannon+Halberds, 2 Swords, 2 Halberds, 2 Daemonhammers
5 Paladins: Psycannon+Sword, Psycannon+Halberd, Sword, Halberd, Daemonhammer

Stormraven: TLMM, TLPC

Dreadnought: Multimelta, Heavy Flamer, Psyflame
Dreadnought: 2x TLAC, Psybolt
Dreadnought: 2x TLAC, Psybolt

This comes out to exactly 2k points. Plan is for the Librarian and 5 Paladins to hop in the Stormraven along with the Multimelta dread while Draigo and the other 10 paladins teleport in using the servoskulls and the Psyriflemen light up armor. It would be a bummer if the Stormraven goes down right away, but even if that happens it should have been able to get to midfield at the very least. So that means I have a dread and a unit of tough paladins threatening my opponent.