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    Blood Angels - full mech list - 1750 points

    Hi, first time posting a list on the LO so I can't wait to get feedback.
    So here is my list:
    HQ: Librarian (powers: Shield of sanguinius and Sanguine sword), 100p
    Troop: 3 x assault squad( 5 ): Razorback, Twinlinked lascannon, 1X Meltagun, power fist, 570p
    1 x assault squad( 5 ): Razorback, Twinlinked lascannon, 1X Flamer, power sword 170p
    Elite: Sanguinary priest, power sword, 65p
    Fast: 3 X Baal-predator, Assault cannon, 2X Heavy bolter, 435p
    Heavy: 3 X Predator, Autocannon, 2X lascannon, 405p
    Total: 1745p

    I run it with my Baals building a AV13 wall in front of my 3 Lazbacks with Librarian in the middle giving 5+ cover save to the whole formation. The predators and Lazback with the flamer hangs out in the back with a home objective. I tried it against my friends Imperial Guard with multiple Chimera squads with melta and plasma weapons, a couple of leman russes, a psyker squad and a devildog. We both failed to pop each others transport until we were close enough to melta each other (20-25% terrain) and that resulted in my Baals just escorting my formation close to the enemy instead of laying down fire on the goey inside that is hidden inside the Chimeras. So, in this game my predators and Lazbacks failed to hurt the Chimeras besides stunning a couple of them and immobilizing 1. i took a couple of potshots at the Russes when i failed to see any Chimera.
    I want with the Predators to open up transports and so that my Baals can lay suppressing fire on the units inside but with coversaves a lot of the lascannons just whiffed.

    Is Devastators a better choice for my army for opening transports up to AV12? But then i have a hybrid list and with the devastators not being able to move fast, that can cause problems too. Should i replace some of my predators with Vindicators for some templates to run with the Baals and Lazbacks and find antitank in one or 2 lanspeeders with Typhoons?

    Any suggestion is welcome.

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