So my aim was to make a fairly fluffy Imperial Fist list and I think I'm getting there?

Lysander - 200


5 man Sternguard 2 x combi melta 2 x combi flamer 1x power fist w/drop pod - 205

Ironclad Dread -w/drop pod - 170

Terminator Squad - 200


10 man tac squads 1 x flamer 1 x multi melta sergeant w/ power fist- w/drop pod - 230

10 man tac squad 1 x flamer 1 x missile launcher sergeant w/power fist - w/ drop pod - 230

10 man scout squad with missile launcher - 150

Heavy Support

Vindicator - 115

Land Raider Crusader - 250

Lysander roles with the Terminators in the Land Raider, drop one tactical squad and the Ironclad first, scouts go behind cover and get bolster defences from Lysander, have the sternguard and other tacticals in reserve and maybe reserve the Vindicator?

Let me know what you think.

Still learning so try not to be to harsh haha.