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    1750 DOUBLES twin IG

    i am looking into entering the GW warhammer 40k doubles tournament 2012. yes i know, its a long way away, but cashflow is a bit of a problem so we need this long to build up our armies. also, we would like to do a fir amount of playtesting t really get our army to its best. this is our first draft and we are just looking for any general feedback before we star playtesting.

    Player 1
    HQ - CCS, in chimera, w/ 4x melta 145
    elite - guardsmen marbo x
    troop - vets, in chimera w/ 3x melta, demolitions 195
    troop - vets, in chimera w/ 3x melta, demolitions 195
    fast attack - 3x scout sentinals, autocannons 120
    heavy - LRBT (no upgrades) x

    total - 870

    player 2
    HQ - CCS, in chimera, w/ 4x melta 145
    troop - vets, in chimera w/ 3x melta, demolitions 195
    troop - vets, in chimera w/ 3x melta, demolitions 195
    heavy - LRBT w/ lascannon 165
    heavy - LRBT w/lascannon 165

    total - 865

    for those of you who don/t know the doubles event uses slightly different rules.
    two players forces make up an army.
    each force is 875 points
    unused points may not be transferred
    an army must have one each of elite, FA and HS before it has any more of any choice. )i.e. we have marbo and the sentinals, so we can have three russes)
    each force must have a HQ and a troop
    a total of four troops may be added to the army (not force!), on top of the two necessary.

    also, they use different scenarios. below you can see the 2011 rules (quoted here) along with the scenarios from 2011 (which i dont know if they will stay the same).
    any advice is welcomed.


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    Player 1
    Vets with meltas and demo upgrades seem like a waste to me just for melta bombs and a demo charge in a chimera at this point level. I would rather have a couple infantry platoons at this point level. Other wise your opponent can just wipe out your 4 squads in all then you have no scoring units. I would get rid of a couple of the scout sentinels and put the autocannons in infantry squads. I would get chimera's for your command squads. I would keep the multi laser on the chimeras for ranged attack and keep a heavy flamer on the hull for horde armies. Your list could use some AV14 power so a demolisher should do the trick and help with terminators if facing them.

    Something like this for the 1st player
    Company Command (In Chimera with Multi Laser and Heavy Flamer)
    4 Melta Guns

    Guardsman Marbo

    Platoon Command Squad x2 (In 2 different Chimera's with Multi Laser and Heavy Flamer)
    8 Flamers

    Infantry Squad x4
    4 Autocannons

    Fast Attack
    Scout Sentinel
    Multi Laser

    Heavy Support
    Leman Russ Demolisher
    Laser Cannon

    Total 875

    For player 2 you could get rid of the demolitions on the vets and take 2 scout sentinels with multi lasers for more ranged firepower.

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