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    Tournament Space Wolves 1500 point list

    Hi everyone, Ia few slight tweaks to my list from a few weeks back. I've had a few more games with it and this list takes into accounts my concerns and incorporates a few more of peoples suggestions from last time! Theres a tournie coming up at my local club in a few weeks and if I can get a vindicator, a rhino and the landspeeder painted up then Im thinking of entering with a list that looks like this: please give constructive critism, there's a small section at the bottom detailing stratergy and explaining selection choice!

    Rune Priest with chooser of the slain, living lightning, Jaws of the wolf world - 110

    Rune Priest, murderous hurricane, Jaws of the wolf world - 100

    3 wolf guard pack leaders, power fist, combi melta - 129

    3 x 8 grey hunters, wolf standard, meltagun- 135

    10 grey hunters with 2 plasma guns - 170 points

    4 x Rhino APC - 140

    Land Speeder with 2 multi-melta's - 80

    Predator destructor with lascannon sponsors - 120

    Vindicator - 115

    6 x Long fangs with 5 missile Launchers - 140

    1499, 45 infantry, 15 kill points, 7 vehicles

    That comes out to 45 infantry, a solid amount. It has 15 kill points which is quite a lot :/! The core of the army is the grey hunters, but there is another barebone meq killing squad in there, (I struggle against meq's). That squad is probably an extra compared to most SW lists and its nowhere near as cc effective as the other units due to points trying to fit it in, however finding just 2 points somewhere could make it the same as the other squads. As you can see its a mechcanized rhino rush with a hefty 7 vehichles squezzed in, so a lot of extra tanks in there to draw firepower away from the rhinos, particularly the vindicator which is amazing at this job, and thats the main reason its there on its own, but if it gets off a shot then thats brilliant - it usually does great in defensive games. The double melta landspeeder is also a bit unconvetional but I'm tight on points and I cant afford two HF-MM and looks great on paper, dont know why people dismiss it really as it'll pretty much kill any tank if its within 12. Anyway thats it, my main concern really is its lack of ofmph, killing power, perhaps too many of the units are supporting the grey hunter advance.

    Armies: Space Marines: 3500pts
    Space Wolves: 2000pts (in Progress)
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    List is pretty good, although there is a few things I'd change. Firstly, I'd replace the vindicator with 4 ML long fangs. You'll find that the vindicator will be a priority target, and will die quickly. Also, I'd have a unit to sit back with an objective. Put the rune priest in there and use living lightning. Jaws always comes in handy. Once I wiped out half a sisters of battle army with it.

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