Okay guys, I've finally gotten round to starting my BT army and have come up with this draft. I have no experience playing them whatsoever so please feel free to comment and criticise to your hearts' content.

Emperor's Champion
-Accept Any Challenge

8 Sword Bretheren Assault Terminators with Furious Charge and Lightning Claws
Land Raider Crusader with Blessed Hull

5 Sword Bretheren with 1 melta and 1 multi-melta and infiltrate (considering changing this to make them a Laserback mounted squad)

Venerable Dreadnaught with tank hunter, twin linked lascannon

10 Initiates with 1 Power Weapon and a flamer
10 Neyophites with shotguns

10 Initiates with I Power Weapon and a flamer
10 Neyophites with pistols and cc weapons (considering running these with shotguns as I am already good in cc)

I'm fairly confident that I can work with objectives, my scoring units are so large that I should be able to keep them vaguley on the right track regardless of Zeal (plus I'm bound to fail some checks if they try to dislodge me). As for anti-tank, my Sword Bretheren have the nasty feature of being able to move in the opponent's turn, hopefully getting close enough for either of their melta weapons to do some significant damage. Not sure how my Champion is going to fit in, I'm still a little unsure as to whether he can join units or not...

Thanks in advance.