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    1750 competitive hybrid

    Hey, this is my first time posting on this forums but i have been using other forums (like librarium) for a while. This is supposed to be a competitive army that is for use in tournaments and the like, along with other generally competitive battles.

    HQ - CCS w/ astropath, in a chimera = 165

    elite - 2x 10 psykers w/ chimera = 330

    troop - platoon 1
    PCS w/ 4 flamers (goes in vendetta) = 50
    2x infantry squads w/ autocannons with 1 commisar = 155
    HWS w/ 3 autocannons = 75

    platoon 2
    identical to platoon 1 = 280

    fast attack - 2x separate vendettas = 260
    2 sentinals w/ autocannons + HK missile = 100

    heavy - 2x separate LRBT w/ lascannon.

    any comments or criticisms welcome

    p.s. i posted a similar thread on another forum, so you may see that as well.

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    HQ: The astropath is reasonably useful for your 3 outflankers. Add some meltas or plasmas and a standard to keep the platoons happy. This unit babysitting the platoons with plasmas/GLs and a standard is a cheaper way of maintaining order than commisars and you can give bring it down orders to the HWS.

    Elites: One is fine. Against fearless armies thet aren't that great so two squads are a bit of an extravagence.

    Troops: OK. Add GLs to the squads if you have points left over. Have you thought about an Alrahim platoon outflanking with the astropath benefits?
    Swap a Psyker squiad for some melta vets in a chimera.

    Fast: Good. I always add HB door gunners to vendettas.

    Heavy: Upgrade these to demolishers. The S10 AP2 main gun compliments the lascannon better against tanks and termie targets.
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    Without Al'Rahem, an Officer of the Fleet is going to be more efficient than an Astropath. Not sure what else is in the CCS as the points listed is over their cost of what you have in it. The Vendettas and Scout Sentinels aren't completely reliant on being Reserves with their optional Scout move.

    I like using 2 psyker squads as well, but I don't feel the chimeras are particularly necessary for them. Place them near your backfield, with only model visible for true line of sight purposes, they'll be a good addition to the gunline in keeping cc-units from ever staying within range to assault you. Or the x strength pie plate alternative against fearless units (which aren't too common anyways, at least not army-wide outside DA and daemons). The Chimeras can then either be used on the PCSes instead or dropped for extra points.

    Troops-wise, I'd either drop the commissars or add power weapons to the blob squads. But if you have psyker squads to help deter assaults then I'd go with the former rather than the latter. Thinking on that, I'd suggest dropping those previously mentioned chimeras and take a 2nd CCS, equipped with a standard. The standard's bubble will help with the leadership tests while the advanced orders will help out those HWS with 'Bring it Down', or other spells since the PCS are galavanting off. Also, as mentioned by Mad Cat, special weapons would be nice in the Infantry Squads.

    I also think you're a little short on scoring units, with the PCS in the vendettas being the only mobile scoring units you have. I'd figure out something to drop in the current list to add towards countering that, in which case it would be a decent idea to free up points for that by possibly dropping the 2nd psyker squad and maybe the sentinels.

    Personally, I think the vendettas are a little too lucrative to be wasted on delivering a 50pt PCS just for flamer use (where those chimeras would come in). Otherwise, I think they're fine as is without sponsons due to lack of relaible anti-av13/14 elsewhere (a psyker/russes can be anti-tank but the scatter isn't as reliable as 3 twin-linked lascannons).

    I'd drop the HK missiles on the Sentinels, they're just not worth the points as you're almost paying half the points for a 3rd Autocannon Sentinel just for 2 one-shot weapons.

    And agreeable with the suggestion to upgrade to demolishers. Or at least upgrade one if points are tight with the points saved from the HK missiles.

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