Well here it is, I am wondering if I might be better off giving the GM a incinerator rather than Master Crafting his Nemesis force halberd, he would then go with the 5 Paladins with 2 incinerators in the Redeemer. The other 5 with 2 psycannons go with the Venerable in the stormraven, obviously in objective missions I make the Paladins scoring and possibly the Venerable.

Probably a standard Raider would be a better addition to the army but I have been wanting to get the forgeworld one for some time hence the psybolts on it.

The Incinerator the Venerable seems to be doing very well for me, maybe its not points efficient but it just seems to do what I need when, was funny when my venerable through shooting killed 1 killer can with a psycannon, one with a incinerator and then finished, the last one off in combat, following turn then decided to go and munch a death dread as well which then blew up and killed 10 orc boyz

Anyways other thing I am trying to decide on is the best load out for the storm raven, plasma cannon seems reliant on playing against marines, I wonder if their is something better to equip it with


Grey Knight Grand Master
- Master Crafted Nemesis Force Halberd
- Psychotroke grenades
Total 200pts


Venerable Dreadnought
- Assault Cannon
- Psybolt ammunition
- Heavy Flamer
- Psyflame ammunition
Total 205pts

(10) Paladins
- 2 Psycannon’s
- 2 Incinerators
- 8 Nemesis Force Halberds
- 2 Nemesis Daemon Hammer
Total 600pts


(10 ) Grey Knight Strike Squad
- 2 psycannons
- 1 Nemesis Daemon Hammer
- Rhino
Total 270pts

(10 ) Grey Knight Strike Squad
- 2 psycannons
- 1 Nemesis Daemon Hammer
- Rhino
Total 270pts

Fast Attack

- Twin-linked multimelta
- Twin linked Plasma Cannon
Total 205pts

Heavy Support

Land Raider Redeemer
- Psybolt Ammunition
Total 250pts