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    600pts tournament list

    Hi all made this list for a local tournament thats comming up and wondered if it was any good. I have used a Gunline style list for a long time in low points games and it has worked very well but wondered how this faired to you guys.

    HQ:Company Command Squad-Lascannon

    Troop: Infantry Platoon
    Platoon Command Squad-Autocannon
    Infantry Squad-Autocannon
    Infantry Squad
    Heavy Weapon Team- 3 Autocannons
    Heavy Weapon Team- 3 Autocannons

    Troop: Vetran squad-3 meltaguns Chimrea

    Heavy Support: Hydra Flak Tank


    Any C&C is always welcome

    The tournament has a force orginsation ristrictions of as folows:
    HQ+2 troops MUST
    May have 1 elite
    May have 1 Heavy Support OR fast attack-not both or more than one

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    seems solid enough, if you changed the lascannon in your Company Command Squad to an Autocannon then that would free up the points for flamers/grenade launchers in your platoon.

    Something else you could do is drop the lascannon and one heavy weapons squad and you can swap the Hydra Flak Tank for a Leman Russ Demolisher, which is pretty damn good in smaller games!

    You could drop a Heavy Weapons Squad and you could afford Marbo instead (who's capable of taking out entire marine squads in one turn) for just 65 pts.

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