Here is an idea that I was toying with. Please let me know what could be changed to make it better

HQ- librarian (Shield,fear)

Elites- 9 sternguard paired with a sanguinary priest in a drop pod.

Troops- 5 man Assault squad in a razorback with las/plas
5 man Assault squad in a razorback with las/
Scout squad with camo cloaks and missile launcher

Fast attack- 3 attack bikes (2 with multi-meltas)
Baal predator with assault cannon and heavy bolter sponsons

Heavy support- Vindicator
Devastator squad with 4 missle launchers

My plan with this list is to camp the scout squad on an objective in some cover. With cloaks and going to ground when necessary, that's a 2+ save. The sternguard will drop in and wreck anything within 12 inches of the drop pod. Putting the priest in the group gives me some piece of mind that the sternguard will make it through the first turn. The attack bikes will de-mech the enemy and the vindicators will clean up the rest. The assault squads can claim objectives in the open or contest in the late game. Please give me some advice on things I could do to make this list better. Thanks.