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    My Standard 750 point list

    Imperial Guard 750pt army list

    Company command squad: 1x Seargent with laspistol and CC weapon,
    4x Veterans with melta guns.


    Squad 1
    Veteran squad: 1x Veteran seargent with laspistol and CC weapon,
    3x Veterans with melta guns, 6x Veterans with lasguns, Demolitions.
    Chimera: 1x multi laser, 1x heavy flamer.

    Squad 2
    Veteran squad: 1x Veteran seargent with laspistol and CC weapon,
    3x Veterans with plasma guns 6x Veterans with lasguns,
    Chimera: 1x multi laser, 1x heavy flamer.

    Fast Attack
    Valkyrie Assault Carrier Squadron:1x Valkyrie with multiple rocket pods, heavy bolter sponsons.

    Heavy Support
    Leman russ battletank: battlecannon, lascannon.

    So this is what I usually use when I play my guard and I would like some feedback on it. I have had a great deal of success with it but like all good commanders seek to constantly improve, trouble is, I don't know what to improve. That is why I am asking the wonderful community here at LO for some expert advice

    The main battle plan with this list is to have everything start in their transports (the CCS take the valkyrie). The command squad will then use the valkyrie's scout move to get nice and close to a big juicy target before the game actually begins. The two Veteran Squads don't leave their transports unless they have to and are quite happy shooting out of the top hatch until a last turn objective grab is needed. Giving the melta vets the demolitions doctrine means that they can comfortably deal with a horde if necessary but the main goal is for countering things like Draigo wing.

    I was considering giving the doctrine to the plasma vets instead but decided that 1 set of self harming weaponry was enough. When the valkyrie has delivered the command squad it will start to whittle down squads or go horde hunting depending on the opponent. The russ simply sits back and gets rid of anything like crisis suits or devastators letting the transports continue doing there job. The only reason the russ has a lascannon is for wound allocation shennanigens.

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance =)

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    It all looks good to me, CCS is good, vets are solid but are very dedicated, i say give the plasma guns demolitions incase both your CCS and meltavets bite the dust, last ditch option incase they have a landraider (which in 750pts is unlikely but hey maybe one guy decided to). It is a waste of the assault weapons but they're gonna sit in a chimmy anyway and knowing the dice, things will go against you slightly, it always does, so insurance is always nice to have.
    Also the vendetta with rocket pods and HB sponsons is the same as a vendetta which is twice as good imo, 3 TL las cannons is just demoralising to any opponent, outflank then if they have squadrons of something facing away, just say goodbye to them!
    Other than that yeah its fine, standard mech list. if you can find some points to get a vendetta with HB sponsons, do, it is a great 15pts to spend as they can then fire so many guns! >

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