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    1000 pts Infantry Guard

    Like the title says, 1000pts, and my self-imposed challenge is to do it with no mechanisation. Deep striking and infiltrating are fine, but no Chimeras, no Valks/Vendettas. Likely opponents are mainly Marines, possibly some Eldar.

    Company Command Squad:
    -Regimental Standard, Mortar, Officer of the Fleet

    Infantry Platoon:
    -PCS with 3x Flamer
    -3 squads with Grenade Launchers and Autocannons
    -Heavy Weapon Squad with 3x Missile Launcher

    Infantry Platoon:
    -PCS with 3x Flamer
    -3 squads with Grenade Launchers and Autocannons
    -Heavy Weapon Squad with 3x Lascannon

    Veteran Squad:
    -Gunnery Sergeant Harker, 3x Meltas

    Leman Russ MBT:
    -Hull Heavy Bolters, Sponson Heavy Bolters

    I keep thinking I should drop the vets for another Russ (maybe a Demolisher), but OTOH I want to keep their anti-tank capability. Maybe lose the HWS?

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    There are a few things in here that should be changed.

    Get rid of all that and take 4 plasma guns. Reg standard is a waste, as well as officer of the fleet. Sometimes delaying reserves can even benefit the team. I know sometimes I wish my Marbo should come in 1 turn later. For the mortar, 3 can't do anything, and 1? Maybe it will kill 1 ork if your lucky.

    the platoons:
    I would try take a forth flamer if you can find the points. The infantry are perfect. It's a bit of a horde army, and the only problem might be fitting them in a case.
    The heavy weapons teams aren't that good. Even with orders lascannons will fail. Meltas are better anti tank.

    The vet squad:
    Looks pretty good. Although it's probably going to die when they emerge from cover. But... If the opponent deploys a lone tank away from the rest of the army.... It's gone

    The leman Russ:
    An essential in every guard army. The only thing is, it's the only vehicle, so unless parked in cover it's gone. I would even get camo cloaks for it. All your opponents anti tank will be firing at it. It's going to die first turn prob.

    I would get rid of heavy weapons and get a demolisher. I like Demolishers

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