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Thread: 1850 DoA List

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    1850 DoA List

    I've been toying with the idea of a DoA list, as it should be a nice break from my Mech Guard. My list is below. Sanguinor is for taking down overpowered enemy HQs, like the Calgar that my main opponent loves to employ with a retinue of TH/SS terminators. Assault terminators are for drawing fire away from Sanguinor and the regular assault squads. Let me know what you think. Thanks in advance!


    Sanguinor - 275


    Sanguinary Priest x3 - 270
    • Lightning Claw, Jump Pack
    Terminator Assault Squad - 225
    • Thunder Hammer & Storm Shield x5

    Vanguard Veteran Squad - 285
    • Sergeant with power fist, power weapon x3, meltabombs x1, jump packs, 2 extra marines

    Assault Squad - 235
    • Power Fist, Meltagun x2
    Assault Squad - 235
    • Power Fist, Meltagun x2
    Assault Squad - 225
    • Power Fist, Flamer x2

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