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    1000 pts Vanilla Marines

    Hey all, I'm interested in doing a Crimson Fists style army for an up and coming Escalation League in the Spring. Problem is, I have no idea what I should be looking for in a list.
    The one I made was crushed almost instantly in the practice match I did last night, and I was wondering if there were any pointers you guys could give. The current list:

    Terminator Armour
    Storm Shield
    Psychic Powers:
    Might of the Ancients
    Gate of Infinity

    10 man Tactical Squad
    Combi-Melta/Power Fist
    attached Librarian

    10 man Tactical Squad
    Plasma Gun
    Power Fist
    Missile Launcher

    Ironclad Dreadnought
    Drop Pod
    x2 Hunter Killer Missiles
    Heavy Flamer

    5 man Scout Squad
    Missile Launcher

    Any help is appreciated, thanks!

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    How do you play the army? What kind of opponents do you face? This helps when tweaking an army list.

    I would say a few things;

    - Your Librarian doesn't need Terminator armour. At 1000 points it's perfectly okay to run a Vanilla (100pt) Librarian.
    - I would suggest using those points to get your 1st Tactical Squad a Rhino.
    - I can see why you choose Power Fists, but in my experience they are generally a let-down. In smaller games, there are more effective ways to spend those points.
    - Don't forget the Free Missile Launcher!
    - Ironclad is too isolated and vulnerable, if you drop him in. Plus on the expensive side.

    Just getting rid of the TDA, SS and Power Fists gives you just under 100 points to play with. Downgrading the Ironclad to a regular 2 x Autocannon Dreadnought saves up some more and (arguably) increases it's effectiveness. You now have enough points for a Rhino and a 2nd Autocannon Dreadnought.

    If you wanted to stick with Ironclads, I would lose the Drop Pod and run a pair of them. Keep them cheap. Plain with 2 x Hunter Killer is decent. Run them forwards and use the AV13 to give cover to your Rhinos.

    The Scout Squad is admirable but unnecessary in such a small game. You already have two full Tactical Squads, which can combat squad to give you 4 scoring units. Two should be back-field objective campers (with a Missile Launcher each) while the other halves are scoring melta units in Rhinos. So, let's recap with what we can potentially field without ruining the theme of the army:

    Librarian [100]
    Ironclad with 2 HKM [155]
    Ironclad with 2 HKM [155]
    Tactical Squad in Rhino, Combi-Melta, Meltagun, Missile Launcher [220]
    Tactical Squad in Rhino, Combi-Melta, Meltagun, Missile Launcher [220]

    You've got psychic defence (check). You have between 2-4 scoring units (check). You have long ranged anti-transport firepower (check). You have a decent number of Melta for heavy anti-tank. (check). You are mobile (check). You have counter-assault units (check).

    With a strong 'core', you can now add 150 points of goodies. At this point, I would consider adding some disruption units. Something to mess with the enemy plans and keep him on his toes. Land Speeders are fantastic for this. You can fit in 2 x Land Speeder (Multi-Melta, Heavy Flamer) perfectly. Alternatively, we can work the Scouts back in using a Land Speeder Storm:

    Scout Squad, BP/CCW, Combi-Melta and Meltabombs [90]
    Land Speeder Storm with Heavy Flamer [60]

    Great for getting first-turn strikes against tanks which haven't moved (one Melta shot at BS4, one auto-hitting Melta bomb in assault). This unit also makes an effective disruption unit as it can effectively target and harass backfield units like Devastators, Broadsides, Lootas, Long Fangs etc. Packs a light punch in assault (Storm helps), Heavy Flamer great for targeting enemy scouts in cover, etc. They have a long threat range (12" + 2" + 6") for assaults and are able to make late-game objective grabs.

    If you want to stick with Scouts, but don't want the Land Speeder Storm, use the spare points to add Meltaguns to your Ironclads. I would drop one Hunter Killer from each to do this. If you arm your Ironclads for firepower you're doing it wrong, as these are beatdown units. If you want a shooty dreadnought, go with 2 x Autocannon every time.

    If you're wanting Scouts, couple of Tacticals, Librarian and Ironclad in an army, that's how I would run it. Hope that helps.
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