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    An interesting concept (2k pts)

    So here is a shot at a reliable all DS'ing GK force.

    360- Grand Master Mordrak with 4 Ghost Kights (x3 NFH x1 DH)
    200- Libby w/ NFH, Teleport Homer, x3 Servo-skulls, Might of Titan, Sanct, Warp rift
    320- Paladin(x5)
    1. Psycannon, NFH
    2. Psycannon, NFS
    3. NDH
    4. NFH
    5. N Falchions
    495- x10 GK Termies w/ Psybolt,MC DH, NDH, x2 psycannons(w/ NFH) x3 NFH (totaling 5), 1 Brotherhood banner, 2 NFS
    255- GKSS Psybolts, 1 MC NDH, 2 Psycannons
    185- NDK w/ Greatsword and Heavy Incinerator
    185- NDK w/ Greatsword and Heavy Incinerator

    Than plan is to throw down Mordrak with attached libby first turn and hold back everything else then use psychic communion to boost reserves roll and drop everything around the libby's TP homer. Just in case the libby dies there are still servo skulls to provide more accurate DS'ing. Pally are ment to do what they do best- stay alive, big termie unit assault/ multi charges things, GKSS cleans up and the DK's eat up armor (along with psycannons and a 1st turn warp rift).

    Think it would work? They main whole I see is Mordrak's unit being wiped out turn one and screwing everything over but beign able to go to ground for a 2+ cover isnt a bad option.
    One other thing I could do is drop psybolts on both the GKSS and the large Termie Squad and pick up another Ghost Knight.
    Thank for your feedback.

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    I've used a tactic similar to this, using Modraik to drop down in front of my opponent, but to be honest, using your libby as a TP homer is not necessarily a good idea. Generally, I'll equip him with something like warp rift for that situation. Modraik and his squad are surprisingly able to withstand a huge amount of firepower. On two occasions, I have had my Modraik squad make around 40+ saves, with the squad still standing (with clever use of wound allocation, spawning ghost knights, etc..). It's why I love Modraik, you have to dump a lot of firepower into a very scary squad, and you don't have much choice. Usually, I pair him in a list with Storm Ravens, giving my SRs time to move up.

    I digress, however.

    Deep Striking GK forces are hard, though not impossible to work with. Modraik is indeed a powerful unit, and him and his retinue will survive the onslaught they'll recieve.

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