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    1850 revisions - AFTER A NEAR BREAKDOWN ;)

    so the previous list I posted for the upcomming tournamnet was not optimized, I think i've figured out a way to squeeze all the possible points out of the model s i have, and make a stronger list.

    The issues I'm facing that gave me a breakdown were:

    1 - Should I take a venerable dread riding on the back of the stormraven? or shoudl I Just take another psyfleman?
    2 - How to configure the Henchmen?
    3 - this is the big one, a friend of mind suggested taking a 3 man 3 melta squad of henchmen, and having the combat squad of purifiers steal their chimera, while the henchmen ride in the razorback. problem was, I had already modelled a rhino for the purifiers!

    So here's the list I came up with:

    HQ: Grandmaster, Mastercrafted Psycannon, Blind Grenades (just in case) - 230
    HQ: Xenos Inquisitor, Rad Grenades, Psycho Grenades, Power Armor, Power Weapon - 73

    Troop: 10 Strikers, 2 Psycannons, 1 Hammer, Rhino w Searchlight - 271
    Troop: 5 Strikers, Psycannon, Razorback w Psybolts and Searchlight - 161

    Elite: 5 Purifiers, 2 Psycannon, 3 Halberd, Razorback w Psybolts and Searchlight - 197
    Elite: 6 Purifiers, 2 Incinerator, 3 halberd, 1 Hammer, Razorback w Psybolts and Searchlight - 206
    Elite: 3 Warrior Henchmen, 3 Meltaguns, Chimera w Searchlight - 98

    Fast: Stormraven, TL Assault Cannon, TL Multimelta w Seatchilght - 206

    Heavy: Dreadnought, 2x TL Autocannons, Psybolts w Searchlight - 136
    Heavy: Dreadnought, 2x TL Autocannons, Psybolts w Searchlight - 136
    Heavy: Dreadnought, 2x TL Autocannons, Psybolts w Searchlight - 136

    So I opted against the venerable dread, I'm sad becasue i painted up a badass one....

    The 6 man purifiers ride in the stormraven, leaving their razorback for the henchmen to ride in. the double psycannon purifiers ride in the chimera with the grandmaster. for objective missions the 10 man squad of strikers can combat squad and half can ride in the empty razorback.

    Drawback i'm afraid of, grand strategy won't be as effective now that I'm using 2 squads of purifiers, but having the extra razorback is nice.

    I'm much happier having the grandmaster sit with 5 purifiers than 3 or 4 henchmen, in case his chimera runs into trouble.

    Another fear is that the chimera doesn't have fortitude, so it could be easily shaken.

    Does anyone have any insight into this list? anything I appear to have overlooked?

    The mastercrafting on the psycannon was a way to spend another 5 points, i could use it elsewhere if need be...

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    HQ - Grand master I assume is there ust for grand strategy making things scoring? If so, leave him there. I say this becauase you have only 2 troops. I like my xenos inquisitors with needle pistols, consider dropping the blind grenades off the GM to take one because you'll likley kill a 40+ point terminator in a round or two of shooting, which has made its points back and more, and it's a pistol for +1 attack in close combat. I'd say that's a bargain.

    Elite - You don't really need a sixth purifier in one squad - five will do. Same goes for the hammer, unneeded. You can hurt anything with rending. Henchmen are weak at best. Bolter fire can cripple the chimera if they get a side shot, chances are it will get shaken because of the lack of fortitude and 3 men won't last long. If they can make it in, great, they'll easily make their points back. Otherwise, meh.

    Troops - Fine.

    Fast - Stormravens work best in pairs. One works, but two works three times better because of how imposing they are. If one gets shot down chances are the troops will be safe to footslog because the other one will draw nearly all of the fire. Therefore in one getting shot down it is protecting the troops as much after its demise as when they were safely inside.

    Heavy - Perfect, if a little cookie cutter. But in a tournament no one can complain of cheese, because chances are their list is full of it. In a friendly game, however, I would suggest leaving these bad boys at home.

    Overall, with some minor tweaks this can be a tournament winning list. Well done!
    "Victory is sweet, blood is sweeter." - Aun'Vre

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