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    1000 point vostroyan list. New to IG

    Hey, I am new to IG and was wondering what you guys thought of my 1000 point list.
    I am using vostroyan and therefore no autocannons.
    Any C&C would be appreciated.

    CCS- 4x Sniper Rifles - 70

    PCS- 4x flamers, Chimera - 105
    IS- GL, Heavy Bolter - 65 with Commisar 35
    IS- GL, Heavy Bolter - 65
    IS- GL, Heavy Bolter - 65

    Veterans- 3x Meltagun, Chimera - 155
    Veterans- 3x Plasma, Chimera - 170

    Medusa BSS - 135
    Medusa BSS - 135

    1000 points exact

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    It's not bad but really you'd want to run the snipers as individuals (counts-as ratlings) because there are better special weapons for the CCS.

    The way I'd go with it is to cut the plasma vets and bump the CCS up to a plasma squad in a Chimera, freeing you up to take that Ratling squad. It lowers your bodycount slightly but you can squeeze in more special weapons: 6 sniper rifles, 4 plasma guns plus a plasma pistol for the company commander. At 1000 points that extra firepower will make a very big difference.

    An alternative setup would be to go for a more ranged build, cut the plasma squad and give the CCS grenade launchers. Then add in a primaris psyker to give them a really deadly torrent of ST6 spam. It'd be an average of 14 ST6 shots from the Chimera each turn and that compensates for your lack of autocannons. You could also afford a priest for the blob squad at that point too. Losing the plasma is bad but torrent fire can go a long way to compensate.
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