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    2000 Point Mordrak Army

    heyy guys first post on these forms i have a army i wanna run by to see if it sound good and would work well and im not to sure it will bc of maybe some rules i missed ect soo here it is...

    HQ- Mordrak 200

    Retinue Ghost knights 200
    -Brotherhood Banner 25
    - 4 falchions 20 245

    HQ- Librarian 150
    - Teleport Homer 5
    -Quicksilver 5
    -Might of Titan 5
    -Sanctuary 5
    -Vortex of Doom 5 185

    Troops GK terminators 200
    -Justicar Thawn 75 GK- 2 halberts GK- 1 DH
    - Brotherhood banner 25
    -Incineractor 5 305

    Troops GK terminators 200
    -incinerator 5 205 J- DH GK- 4 swords

    Troops GK terminators 200
    -Psycannon 25 225

    FA interceptors 260
    -DH 10
    -MC DH 5
    -Psycannon 2 20
    -Halberts 4 20 315 times 2 630

    Grand total of 1995

    So the plan is for the libby to go with Mordrak and use his first to fray and drop the Teleport hommer where i want it or need it. then Mordrak will make the FA scouts also with my terminator squad with the psycannon. the FA will then combat squad into 2 diffrent units, one infantry killers and the other a tank killer. ant the terminator squad will outflank. if not then just hold an objective or move forward. the other 2 terrmy squads i will bring in with the teleport homer and use the psychic communication to help them. also i hope for first turn bc of instant his on vehicles with DH

    If you cant scout 12 inches with the interceptors, the scout move from Mordrak please let me know also if the libby cant go with Mordrak let me know thank you for your time. also does the combat squad rule go before the grand strategy ?

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    I honestley think you are sinking too many points into your HQ, perhaps instead of a Librarian, an Inquisitor with TDA armour, psycanon/c-melta, and psychic communion? This will give you a more reliable anti-tank option turn 1, and also help with the very important rolling for reserves.

    The falchions on the Ghosts are a little pricey, and besides the halberds work well as a counter to being assualted turn one. Also I would drop the banner on the 5-man Termies and replace all the incinerators with psycanons as you are a little light on anti-tank, that being said if your local meta is vehicle light incinerators may be the way to go.

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