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    500 - 1000 pts ultramarines

    Hi Guys,

    as a relative newbie to 40k (played a little in the late 90's, but was mostly collecting; picked it up again quite recently), I thought I would start out with what I was most familiar with: Space Marines!! To make it easy i've gone with vanilla / ultramarines.

    I've got some of my mates back into it as well, sadly they all have epic'ly big armies!! (IG, Grey Knights, Chaos Nurgle army, SM)

    So now you know what i'm against, we have mostly been playing 500, 650 or 750 pts as we relearn all the rules.

    here is my current setup:


    1 x Captain with lightning claws, storm bolter

    1 x command squad with standard, plasma gun, apothecary, champion, vet sarge with bolt pistol and pwr fist


    1 x scout squad with 4 x snipers and missile

    1 x scout squad with 3 x shotgun, sarge with chainsword (i think it counts as combat knife) and pistol, heavy bolter

    1 x tactical squad with sarge, missile, flamer, 7 x bolters

    1 x tactical squad with sarge with plasma pistol, 4 x bolters

    Heavy Support

    1 x Devastator Squad with Lascannon, Heavy Bolter, Multimelta, Plasma Cannon

    1 x Predator with twin linked lascannon, Heavy Bolter Sponsons

    Fast Attack

    1 x assault squad with 4 x assault troops, 1 sarge with plasma pistol

    that is what i own, i also have a secondhand land raider crusader, predator and what i assume is an old style razorback. these all need re-painting so havent used them at all yet! And just cos I liked the look of them i have a squad of DA vets but made them look cool, so they cost way too many points to even field anywhere :/ and a squad of ravenwing bikes. I have used these a little in a mixed SM force, and i quite like the bikes

    any suggestions of additions or changes in the army would be great! especially as whenever i fight the IG, the leman russ will usually wipe out a unit or two :/

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    welcome to the forum. looking at your list there are a decent amount of places to improve without buying too much. first off is you need transports. your command squad is going to eat battle cannon and plasma shots from turn one since they have to foot slog it. a razor back is great and it adds some firepower to your army. also, is the captain equipped with 2 lightning claws and a storm bolter or 1 claw and storm bolter? the load out seems fine to me, mostly close combat is how i see a lot of them, the only think i would say is maybe put two or three meltas in the squad instead of the plasma. that way they can smash up tanks and heavy infantry with ease.

    your first scout squad is fine, but camo cloaks will go a long way to making them more survivable and an extra guy or two would help also. the second scout squad is a hodge podge of close combat, shooting and shotguns. plus they have no transport so they'll get shot to pieces trying to run around. i would recommend that you either convert them into a sniper squad or give everyone bolt pistols and chainswords with a land speeder storm transport. as a side note, in the current edition chainswords and combat knives both count as close combat weapons and provide the same advantage.

    as for your tacticals, they really need to be max squad size to be effective. the first squad is fine except for maybe a power fist on the sergeant and a melta for the special weapon depending on what you plan to do with them. i personally like lasconnons for the heavy weapon but i play blood angels and the extra punch on tanks is appreciated. for the second squad, i would get rid of the plasma pistol, make it a ten man squad, give them a multi melta, melta gun and power fist, stick them in a drop pod and drop them in your opponents back field. first turn you get to melta something and if they survive then you get 2 melta shots a turn close to your enemy. plus it will help split your enemy up a bit.

    your devastator squad has too many different weapons and wont be very effective at much. at most, have two different heavy weapon types in the squad. but if you do that make sure there a 10 man squad so you can combat squad them and fire at two different targets.

    the predator isn't bad, but most people i see that put lascannons on the sponsons and an auto cannon on the turret. that way it a more dedicated tank hunter.

    the assault squad is alright, but i would recommend a power sword or fist instead of the plasma pistol and a flamer for the squad would be useful. also the more the merrier for assault squads. here's a list i would recommend with what you have already plus some purchases:

    captain: pair of lightning claws, artificer armor 145

    command squad (5): apothecary, champion, power fist, 2 melta guns, razorback 230

    tac squad (10 ): missle launcher, melta gun 175

    tac squad (10 ): multi melta, melta, power fist, drop pod 210

    scouts (6); cloaks, 5 sniper rifles, missile launcher 116

    heavy support:
    predator: lascannnon sponsons, auto cannon turret 120

    total: 996
    Never give up. Never give up. HIT, HIT, HIT, HIT!

    Semper Paratus

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