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    1k beginner list

    I've just started out with warhammer and hi-jacked my bf's account, anyway I decided to go for a Grey Knights army and this is what I have so far. Feedback would be helpful I'll mainly be verusing necrons, deamons, tau and elder.

    Librarian, psychic power, nemisis warding stave
    Grey Knight Terminators x5, x2 w/ daemon hammer, x3 w/ halbred, 1x psycannon
    Grey Knight x8, 1x psycannon, psybolt
    Grey Knight x8, 1x psycannon, psybolt
    Nemisis DreadKnight w/ heavy incinerator,heavy psycannon

    Overall: 995 pts

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    951 (x8)

    HQ: Get Quickening, Might of Titan, Shrouding and maybe warprift. The staff is useful but expensive, maybe leave it off iof you need points until you expand to 1500 points.

    Troops: Termies are ok but put a single sword in there to kelp with allocating power weapon hits to. GKSS should be 10 strong with a hammer and 2 psycannon and psybolts. a unit of 5 with hammer and 1 psycannon will do fine too but dont spend on psybolts for only a 5 man unit.

    Heavy: The incinerator is great. I usually leave them with just that or occasionally add either a teleporter or - for firesupport - the Gatling Psylencer.
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