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    [1500] Friendly 2vs2

    playing with a Tau player soon against 2 undisclosed opponents. (Prolly gonna face atl east one Necron tho !)

    I was thinking about playing this, any thoughts ?

    HQ 7%
    Company Command Squad / Astropath, LC, Regimental Standard 100

    Troops 50%
    Platoon Command Squad / Fx4 45
    Infantry Squad / PW, GL, Commissar w PW 110
    Infantry Squad / PW, GL, Melta Bombs 70
    Infantry Squad / PW, GL, Melta Bombs 70
    Special Weapons Squad / Fx2, DC 65
    Heavy Weapon Squad / ACx3 75

    Veteran Squad / MGx3, Chimera ML HF 155
    Veteran Squad / MGx3, Chimera ML HF 155

    Elite 0%

    Fast Attack 23%
    Valkyrie / RP ***
    Vendetta ***
    2 Scout Sentinels / AC ***

    Heavy Support 21%
    Leman Russ BattleTank / HF ***
    Leman Russ Demolisher / HF ***


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    Outflanking is really nice for taking on Necrons because it can put you close to searchlight them and often in a good place to pop their rear armour. I'd upgrade the sentinels with searchlights to help you with night fighting. They wander in, shoot something, hopefully in its rear armour, and light it up, then you pop them with your Vendetta or something.

    I'd cut the special weapons squad for more sentinels. Cut the autocannons for multilasers if you need more points. VS AV11 they're no worse and they can shoot up other targets too.
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