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    1000 points Grey knights (New to 40k)

    After weeks of trying to decide on a 1000 point list for my shiny Grey knights army (a friend of mine and myself are slowly building up to about 2000 points) I've come up with the following:

    (Comments greatly appreciated)


    Ordo Xenos Inquisitor
    -Psyker (level 1, Hammerhand)
    -Rad Grenades



    GKSS (5)
    -Daemon Hammer
    -Razorback (HBolter, Psybolt ammo)


    GKSS (5)
    -Daemon Hammer
    -Razorback (HBolter, Psybolt ammo)



    Purifiers (9)
    -2 x Psycannon
    -MC Daemon Hammer
    -6 x halberd


    Fast Attack

    Storm Raven Gunship
    -TL Assault Cannon


    Heavy Support

    'Rifleman' Dreadnought
    -2 x TW Autocannon
    -Psybolt ammo


    Total: 1018 pts

    The Stormraven: It's in there because...well...it looked awesome. I bought it before examining the rules, points cost, etc. I wonder if its any good including it in a 1000 point army, or waiting till 2000, and pairing it?

    Tactics: Inquisitor joins the Purifiers, granting them +1str and their enemies -1 Thoughness, and just using his 3-4 force weapon attacks on top of the charge. These all go in the Stormraven, which I think I will be deepstiking.
    The two razorbacks start on the board, moving up towards objectives, and holding them (hopefully). The rifleman covers whatever unit needs it, while the army advances.

    My main doubt is if I have enough troop choices for a 1000 point game, and whether or not to include the stormraven at this point.

    As I said, Comments very welcome!

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    It's not a bad first up list old bean but you're right about the Storm Raven. It will meet its' doom pretty quickly as it is the biggest thing out there, can be a serious threat to your opponent and is a glass hammer at armour 12.
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