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    1850 pts Armored cavalry. looking for help

    This is my first post on this site and have been reworking this army a lot and this is where Im at now, at the place i play there is just about every army (Necron, Orks ,Space Marines, C Space Marines, Tyranids, Gray Knights, Tau) so im trying to get a list thats good for all.

    Stranken, nork (Probably going to drop him), Flamer, Med kit, Carapace armor, chimmera w/ stubber 275

    Primaris Psyker(will stick him with the ccs) 70

    Psyker Battlesquad
    +5, Chimera 175

    +5, Gl, Plasma

    Vet squad
    Melta x3, power weapon, grenadiers, chimera w/ stubber 205

    Vet Squad
    GL x3, Grenadiers, CHimeria, w/ stubber 180

    Vet Squad
    Plasma x3, power weapon, grenadiers, Chimeria w/ stubber 220

    Vet Squad
    Flamer x2, Heavy Flamer, Harker 155

    Fast attack
    Devil Dog x2, multie melta x2 275

    Devil Dog x2, Multie Melta x2 275

    Rough riders
    +5, Melta bombs, Melta gun, laspistols 120

    I plan on having the CCS next to the rough riders on one of the flanks so they get furious Charge.

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