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    LO Zealot Col. Dracus's Avatar
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    A new direction for me.

    So I am thinking I may start to move from an all armored outlook to a bit more of a mixed infantry and heavy armor style list and would like some input as I have not bought any of the infantry at this point. Here is what I am thinking for a list, let me know where I am off.

    CCS W/Chimera -105

    Vet Squad W/3 Melta -100

    Combined Platoon PCS & 5 Infantry Squads W/6 Power Weapons
    50x Conscripts -540

    Fast Attack:
    Vendetta -***
    Vendetta -***

    Heavy Support:
    LRBT w/Hull Lascannon -165
    LRBT w/Hull Lascannon -165
    LRBT w/Hull Lascannon -165

    The main idea here is to have the 100+ infantry bubble wrap the tanks while they shoot at infantry with First Rank Fire. The Vets will catch a ride in one of the Vendettas to pop a high value vehicle turn 1 and Vendettas focus on transports. The Russ are the all a rounders shooting at their best target. The list may work better with having a priest in with the Platoon and Straken running the show to help deter assault against the 55 man combined squad but I am not sure what I would cut.

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    The PCS cannot join the blob; only infantry squads have the rule. Don't forget the Commissar!

    A full-size blob is too unwieldy. They'll be prone to getting locked in combat and can easily be forced to "pile in" off an objective. Break them into 20- or 30-man blobs. The tactical flexibility you gain is worth the additional costs. Consider giving them some heavy weapons, too. LRBTs don't need to move a lot and the larger bases of HW teams is a sneaky way to fit more men around a target.

    You gotta do something with your CCS. If you aren't at least bringing advisors then you might replace him with a Primaris Psyker. Attach him to a grenade launcher SWS or PCS for an overcharged multilaser!

    ...to help deter assault...
    The IG trick to deterring assault is outflanking, not building Death Stars. If you put down a massive meat-wall with some huge guns behind it then the enemy will rush you every time. After all, his only alternative is to sit and take it, and his Death Star is almost certainly better than yours. If you have outflanking instead, however, then he must hold back enough units to handle them. There's a balance to be struck because shooting is best in the early game and you don't want to gimp yourself, but Russes have enough armor to be the only targets on the field.

    Rather than a risky alpha strike, use skimmers to outflank. A Vendetta with a Vet squad can easily frag a lone Razorback, Dreadnought or support squad. Alternatively, replace the skimmers and conscripts (rarely useful anyway) with a mechanized al'Rahem platoon. There's also the "budget" route of Sentinels and Penal Legions.
    "My tanks have names, my men have numbers." -Col. Edmund Grahvess, 23rd Kronecker Prison Guard

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    LO Zealot Korona's Avatar
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    I like the idea. I've been wanting to go back to the humble infantry squads myself. I actually experimented with conscripts today in a fun messaround game (I had a deathstrike too!)

    I'd take Chenkov and break the inf squads down into 10 man blocks. Because of his stubborn bubble he removes the need to blob up with the commissar. Take a company banner and you get the rerolls too. Then take maybe 30-35 conscripts and add the "send in the next wave" special ability. That ability is the only reason to take conscripts. The cost savings don't compensate for all the extra stuff you need to make them viable.
    Specifically because conscripts are LD5. Since they're so flakey you need to give them an HQ to boost their LD to a workable number. A lord commissar is best because he doesn't have to join the squad to give them a boost, so you won't lose him if you employ the "send in the next wave" ability. Bringing in 35 conscripts on turn 5 to reclaim your backfield objective is awesome.

    To really make a foot list shine you need Straken, though. He turns your guardsmen into something that can just about work in close combat. That or Creed, who, to go back to what Intrepid was saying, allows you to outflank juicy units like hellhounds and rough riders who make minced meat of backfield objectives.
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