the above link is to the list i'm taking to a tournament in Feb. i was thinking about it this morning in the shower and i have two questions i want to run by you guys.

the first is, shout i run blood talons or fists on my furioso? i prefere the fists because the dreadnaught drop pod allows me to to assualt after i deep strike and i need him to be able to put some hurt on enemy vehicles since i'm lacking in that department for the tournament scene. also the fists prevent people from tying it up with other dreadnaughts which has happened before a couple times. on the flip side, it will be a lot harder for people to tie it up with infantry and with the assault out of deepstrike i can put some big hurt on some units if i'm able to pop thier transport with the melta and magna grapples then charge in.

my second question is should i swap out one of the tac squads for an assualt squad with razorback. a 5 man squad with melta gun, fist and TL-lascannon is almost the same points as one of my full 10 man tac squad. the razorback should help take a little bit of anti-tank pressure off my dread and stormraven. plus the games i have played with the two, one squad alwyas seems to never have a good position or be ignored by the enemy.

what do you guys think?