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    750 Crimson Fist

    Gate of Infinity and Null Zone

    Scout Squad with Sniper Rifles, Missle Launcher, and Camo Cloaks - 100

    Scout Squad with Shot Guns , Combimelta, melts bombs -90

    Scout Squad with Combi Melta, Melta Bombs - 90

    Sternguard with combimelta x5, power fist, razorback with twin linked assault cannon - 250

    Land speeder Storm wih Heavy Flamer - 60

    Land speeder storm with Heavy Flamer - 60

    Feed Back Apprciated

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    wow, a lot of scouts, why haven't you taken Telion?
    field the scouts in larger squads and they do best using sniper rifles and a heavy weapon at range, with camo cloaks and hiding in buildings.

    I think you really should field some anti-tank.

    so try this:

    take normal landspeeders with multimeltas, and deploy smart. use the gate of infinity power to yank a valuable scout squad out from under an enemy's nose, or use it like this, for example:

    attach the librarian to the sternguard squad, and keep them back. in the enemy turn they come really close to that scout squad, anticipating an easy kill, so use gate of infinity to teleport up, open up using special ammunition, and then move into the building and secure it, next turn you can teleport out and bring in another squad the turn after the one after that from the other side of the battle. but beware the scatter, and the fact this is such a slow tactic after the first sternguard strike.

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