Ordo Malleus Inq (94)
Term Armor, Psycanon, NDH, 3x Servo Skulls, PB Ammo

10x Purifiers (266)
2x NDH, 8 NFH

10x GKSS (285)
2x Psycannon, PB Ammo, Rhino w/DB

10x GKSS (285)
2x Psycannon, PB Ammo, Rhino w/DB

10x GKT (470)
2x Psycannon, 2xNDH, 6xNFH, PB Ammo

Fast Attack
Stormraven Gunship (205)
TLMM, TLAC, MS Missles, TH

Heavy Support
Dreadnought (130)
TLAC, TLAC, Storm Bolter, PB Ammo

The Idea is I believe to be straight forward. 1) Purifiers mount in SRGS. 2) Deploy Servo Skulls to hinder deployment or offer tasty DS locations. 3) Use SRGS to punch a hole in a weak flank if I have first turn. If I do not hold SRGS in reserve along with terminators. Then DS them on to a weak flank. Drop Purifiers off to attack weak flank. If need be teleport terminators to wreck the flank or support the middle. The GKSS teams are my objective teams along with fire support. I can also combat team the GKT squad if need be. The Inquisitor will be tagging along with the GKT squad. The Dred provides fire support as needed. I have heard that one Storm Raven is a bad idea. I believe in the fact that if you shoot at that then you will have a 10 man terminator squad in you face. I am an Eldar player and this is my first SM army. To me Grey Knights are Eldar on crack. I play alot of fast tactics, priority targeting of enemy units, and stay moving with the SRGS and my GKT. One thing I learned from playing Eldar there is no such thing as overkill. So thats the point overload a flank and go to work.