Hi, My First draft Raven Guard List, I would appreciate any feedback/advice. Cheers

HQ - 155
Shadow Captain Korvydae - 155

ELITES - 210
Sternguard (5) - 210
2 Meltagun
3 Combi-melta
Drop Pod

TROOPS - 1070
1.Scouts (5 man) - 150
Sniper Rifles, ML, Telion, Cloaks

2.Scouts (5 man) - 100
Sniper Rifles, ML, Cloaks

3.Scouts (5 man) - 105
Bolt Pistol/Combat Blade. Power Weapon/Combi-Melta

4.Tactical Squad (10 man) - 235
Meltagun,ML. Powerfist
Drop Pod

5.Assault Squad (10 man)- 240
Pair Lighting Claws, Flamer, Meltabombs, Combat Shield

6.Assault Squad (10 man) - 240
Pair Lighting Claws, Flamer, Meltabombs, Combat Shield

Landspeeder Storm - 65

So the Idea is: Korv attached to an Assault Squad. Both Sniper Scout Squads stay back and just shoot and cover home objective(s). CC Scouts go in Landspeeder Storm and stay close to home but provide support when needed but are there for the last minute objective grab. Sternguard drop down turn one close to enemy lines - First turn go anti tank and run interference. Providing good rolls Tac squad comes in turn two/turn three to hold centre ground - push up to Sternguard to Objectives/get KP. Korv and one Assault Squad target priority threats (e.g: Special Characters, Dangerous squads and then if there are objectives - contest any enemy objectives. The other Assault Squad supports tac squad, Sternguard and if necessary - Sniper Scouts.

Let me know what you think.