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    1850 list need some help

    I need some help with a list from what i have heard i should be running paladins the dreadknight and draigo i'd be fighting an ork player would these 3 things do well VS all the ork junk?

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    I've found Purifiers better for hoarde armies. Purifying Flame whittles them down before a blow is even struck, then they all get two attacks (3 on the charge). If you're dead set on taking the Dreadknight, you could give him the Heavy Incinerator and the Gatling Psilencer. Together, they aren't cheap, but they are effective. On the weekend at a tournament, I had a 31 model army (including two Dreadknights and no Termies at all) come up against a 97 model Ork army that included two Trucks with Deff Rollas. Made mincemeat of them. Green mince meat to be sure, but mincemeat nonetheless .

    Just my opinion though. There may be others.
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    HQ: Draigo 275

    Troops: 10 Paladins, 4 Psycannon, Medic 3 hammers 3 halberds, 4 swords 745
    Troops: 10 Paladins, 4 Psycannon, Medic 3 hammers 3 halberds, 4 swords 745

    Heavy: Dreadknight Incinerator 160

    Leaves you 5 points to mastercraft something or add a falcion.

    Normally I wouldn't go for the medics and would combat squad but orks use massed shootas and massed choppas so the 2+ and FNP will help a lot keeping you alive and if you abuse the wound allocation by making most weapon combinations in a squad you can take many wounds without loosing a paladin. Grand strategy will allow you to scout or reroll 1s in combat, if the D3 is a 1 you can make the dreadknight scoring. Because of powerclaws it would be nice to get a staff in each unit to bounce those nasty instant killing wounds but hopefully you will have taken a wound on a sword guy from other attacks or shooting and you can just allocate those to him.
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