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    1250 doubles tournament Space Wolves

    I fared well in the last tournament I fielded this guy in, and just wanted some opinions on it simple as that. I must make a note though, I edited it on another computer so math on this guy might be off, but without the codex up here at college with me I can't confirm or deny this. Anyway look forward to your responses.

    1250 Space Wolves
    Rune Priest –
    4X8 grey hunters (there's technically 2X9man ones, but my memory may be failing me)
    -1Xmelta gun
    -power fist –
    -5 wolf guard (these guys are attached to the Grey Hunters.
    2Xterminator armor
    -Cyclone missle launcher
    -thunder hammer & Storm shield
    -2X wolf claws
    Lone wolf
    -frost blade

    -2X wolves

    Dedicated transports
    2x rhino
    2 drop pod

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