Hello everyone, my local hobby place is doing a reenactment of the Badab War, and going with that theme, I've started up a batch of Raptors ( the green guys, not the chaos ones ) to play with. Now, I'm pretty new to Space Marines (this is my first marine army) and coming from exclusively playing Tyranids before this is an odd transition (I can actually go through armor with my shots? ) and I'm probably going to come off as quite the newbie, because I am. So I'd really appreciate any help anyone can honestly give me.

So, here's my 1000 point list so far:

HQ - Lias Ossodon - 140 pts

Elites - Venerable Dreadnought w/ twin-linked Lascannon and drop pod - 230 pts

Troops - 10 Tactical Marines W/ 1 melta gun and 1 Multi-melta, Sergeant has a power fist in a rhino- 235 pts

10 Tactical Marines w/ 1 Plasma Gun and 1 Plasma Cannon, Sergeant has a power fist in a rhino - 245 pts

Heavy Support - 5 Devestators w/ 4 Heavy Bolters - 150

Equals out to 1000 points.

Now, one note is that I am going to be fighting nothing but Space Marines chosen from Codex: Space Marines and Codex: Blood Angels and Special Characters included from the Badab War books from Forge World. No one wanted to play Imperial Guard or Tyrant's Legion for some reason.

I made the melta tactical squad to fight off vehicles, and the plasma squad to take care of marines. I'd like to get them towards my enemies battle lines, and then, if possible get them into cover to take advantage off all my troops having Stealth (Lias Ossodon's Chapter Tactics rule). The Dreadnought would be there to lend more anti tank to my army, as well as being able to do some damage to enemy marines. The Devestators are there partially to be anti-infantry (hopefully in cover) and also to babysit Lias since he's not that great in assault, and his 30" range bolter will work well enough with that squad.
Now, I have yet to figure out if I should put the tactical squads in drop pods as well as the Dreadnought, go with a mixed result as I have written above, or if I should put the tactical squads in rhinos and have the Dreadnought walk, what with his high range lascannons.

Thank you for your time.