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    Thoughts on 1500 draigoish wing

    I´m just starting up my Draigoish wing grey knight army tell me your thoughts on this list.
    I don´t wanna slam face but I don´t want to get slayed every time either.
    Lord Kaldor Draigo 275 pts

    10x Paladin squad 700 pts
    1x Apothecary /wForce Halberd
    2x Paladin /w Daemonhammer
    2x Paladin /w Force Halberd
    1x Paladin /w Psycannon
    1x Paladin /w Daemonhammer, MC stormbolter
    1x Paladin /w MC Force Halberd
    1x Paladin /w Psycannon, Force Halberd
    1x Paladin /w Brotherhood Banner

    5x Strike squad 110 pts
    1x Justicar
    3x Grey Knights
    1x Grey Knight /w Psycannon

    2x Dreadnoughts /w 2 TL-Autocannons, Psybolt ammo 135 pts/each

    1x Vindicare Assassin 145 pts

    So to my question should i switch out the two Dreadnoughts and the Vindicare Assassin for two Dread Knights?
    Or is this list already a viable option?

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    HQ: Good.

    Troops: 10 man paladin unit should take 4 psycannon (preferably mastercrafted) then a mix of weapons like yuo have. Banner and medic are fine in a 10 man unit. GKSS are ok. If you only need one paladin unit then a normal GM as your HQ could make them scoring and save you another 100 points or so. You loose the eternal warrior and the ability to take nasty lascannon wounds on his shield though.

    Elites: Draigo lists have a low model count. Adding this chap using up so many points for one guy that is easy to kill may not be that good. He is decent at killing certain things but you need more models.

    Heavy: Again taking these eats your model count. only 2 AV12 dreads won't last that long to enemy fire. They are great in an army with lots of rhinos to dilute enemy antitank fire but in your type of list I would take no tanks at all and let enemy lascannon do 1/3rd of a wound to Draigo.

    Points saved from the Elite + Heavy can get you 2 psycannon in the big squad and another 5 paladins with psycannon or 2 cheap dreadknights (draigo can make them scoring). Drop the banner if you need the points to squeeze them in.
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