So this one is a little different...

The Gladiator Tournament is a 2250 tournament that allows super heavies (no more than 3 structure points) - read 'Warhound Titan'...

Now, I'm not lucky enough to have a Warhound titan for myself, so I need to devise a list that will be able to deal with such things as the dual turbolaser monstronsity...

Str D is going to be a big problem, which means I need to be able to kill any source of D shots as quickly as possible.

Here's what I've come up with:

Core List:

Cotaez - 100
Librarian - Might, Shrouding, Sanctuary, Summoning and Halberd

6x DCAs, 2x Crusaders, 1x Mysti, Chimera - 185
3x Meltagun Warrior Acolytes, Razorback with Psybolts and Searchlight - 93
3x Meltagun Warrior Acolytes, Razorback with Psybolts and Searchlight - 93
10 man Strike Squad, 2 Psycannon, Hammer on justicar, Psybolts, Rhino - 290

10 Purifiers, 2 Incinerators, 2 Psycannon, 2 Hammers, 4 Halberds, Razorback w Psybolts - 338

Stormraven w Searchlight - 206

Dreadnought, 2xTLAC, Psybolts - 135
Dreadnought, 2xTLAC, Psybolts - 135

Total 1750

Support Wing 1:

3x Plasma Cannon Gun Servitors, 5x Hotshot Lasgun Warrior acolytes - 105

Techmarine, Warding Stave, Blind Grenades, Rad Grenades - 130

Landraider Redeemer, Multimelta, Psybolts, Warp Stabilization Field - 265

Total: 500

Support Wing 2:

3x Plasma Cannon Gun Servitors, 4x Hotshot Lasgun Warrior Acolytes, 2x Jokaero, 1x Boltgun Warrior Acolyte, Chimera - 235

Dreadknight, Personal Teleporter, Heavy Incinerator, Nemesis Greatsword - 265

Total: 500

Support Wing 1 brings the assaultyness of the army to the forefront, allowing the DCAs to more effectivey Mug anything, with the Techmarine added. The purifiers can also be used in the landraider or Stormraven for Purifying flame delivery and depending on the opponnent may have the techmarine added.

The landraider can hold an assault or shooty unit, and the librarian can summon him to position, unload the contents and blast a target into oblivion.

If I'm not mistaken, I can summon the landraider, and it won't scatter because of the mystic in the DCA squad, correct?

Can the stormraven move before the librarian casts the summoning?

The contents of a summoned landraider cannot assault when summoned, correct?

The plasma servitors sit in the reinforced cover provided by the techmarine with Cotaez to wreak havoc on the opponnent.

Support Wing 2 is my attempt to bring down the warhounds of the world... Zipping the dreadknight in to close quarters to tear down the titan in CC... there's a mission where 1 unit can carry a vortex grenade, better believe the shunting madman will be carrying that...

The henchmen squad will sit in the chimera with cotaez shooting targets of opportunity with jokaero assistance.

I figure the dreadnoughts are good enough at taking down void shields, then its all about getting up close and personal, or nailing the titan with jokaero lascannons...

Any thoughts?

Anyone have any bright ideas on how to deal with a dual turbolaser titan?