Good ol' emo marines!.....but seriously folks, these guys have some awesome fluff. They've got the absolute worst luck in the universe, but they just keep on truckin'! (And saving a lot of galactic butt along the way).

Those of you up on your backstory will know that while on their penitent crusade for picking the wrong side in the Badab War; the poor Lamenters ran into Hive Fleet Kraken. Somewhere between stopping it in its tracks and being completely wiped out is where they're at as we speak.

A few notes on list construction so you don't waste your (very appreciated) breath suggesting something that's anathema to the fluff:

-No scouts. I actually love a min scout squad with sniper rifles and ML; but the sticky thing about being on a penitent crusade is that you're not allowed to recruit for 100 years...ouch! So; being somewhere around year 65 of said crusade; looks like I'll be 60 before I can include some scouts (Advance the dang fluff GW! We want the 42nd millenium!)

-Lamenters dig least that's if you believe the 40k wiki and lexicanum. I'm sure they have their sources... That being said; I don't HAVE to have 3 storm ravens; I just thought in this case, it actually fit the fluff AND complimented the synergy of the list.

By the way, if you'd like to view the Tyranid army I am building to act as foil to this one, you can check it out in the Bug's army list section!

Without further adieu:


“Malakim Phoros” (Counts as Mephiston)- 250


“Chyron” Furioso Dreadnought (Painted in his Deathwatch glory!): Blood Fists, Meltagun, Storm Bolter- 125

Sternguard x10: 5 combi-flamers, 5 combi-meltas- 300

“Calix” Sanguinary Priest- 50


Assault Squad x5- 100
Razorback: TL Heavy Bolter- 20

Assault Squad x5- 100
Razorback: TL Heavy Bolter- 20

Assault Squad x10: 2 Meltaguns, PF- 235
Rhino*- 5 (The combi-melta sternguard combat squad ride in this)


Baal Predator: Dozer Blade- 150


Storm Raven: Extra Armor- 215

Storm Raven: Extra Armor- 215

Storm Raven: Extra Armor- 215

Total: 2000

Ok, this list requires a bit of explanation. Yes, I want it to be fluffy. No, I don't need it to be tailored specifically against my Nid build, if you had enough free time to gander at that thread. No, I don't want it to suck if I take it against other armies.

Battle Plan: Storm Ravens bloodstrike the F^&% out of TMC's early on (or vehicles against other opponents). Riding in them are:

(1) Malakim Phoros (Mephiston), by his lonesome.

(2) x10 Assault Squad with Calix (Sanguinary Priest)

(3) x5 Combi-flamer Sternguard + Chyron (Furioso)

The min'd assault squads reserve or simply sit in the back and shoot the razor's Heavy Bolters at incoming genestealers

The Baal Predator and Rhino with Combi-melta Sternguard ride behind the Ravens? (This is the element I'm least sure of, and most willing to rework)

WOW! If you made it through that rant; you are a true champion...and for that, I give you this treat; the inspiration for this army and anti-Kraken theme:

Lamenters - 5th Battle Company - The Bolter and Chainsword : A 40k Space Marine Resource

The above is one of the best painted armies you will ever see. Golden Daemon worthy to be sure. Even professional painters would drool; and he did it in 2.5 months!

Now, please let the criticism fly; because it isn't a purely friendly army. I'd still like it to kick SOME arse...especially Nid arse...(do they know...?)