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    Brothers of Battle (SM using SoB rules)

    Hi guys !

    I'm just toying with the following idea since local gaming is mainly against Necrons, GKs and Marines, I thought I could bring something new around !

    Well, SoB models are quite expensive and rare, and ugly (old sculpts, really, aren't that bad, but compared to the newest finecasts...) and since I have a black and red scheme for my marines (renegade looking), Brother of Battles simply seem like a good idea.

    here's what I'd aim for at 2000 pts ! Up for review !

    Celestine. 115
    no brainer
    Jacobus. 90
    that guy is the back bone of my army
    9 Battle conclave, 5x DC, 4x Crusaders, Rhino. 170
    I'm not a fan of their total lack of anti-walkers, but Priests are so expensive (and frail) that careful deployment/movement will be what I'm ready to invest in them

    10 Sisters, 2x Melta, Combi-Melta, Rhino. 190
    10 Sisters, 2x Melta, Combi-Melta, Rhino. 190
    10 Sisters, 2x Melta, Combi-Melta, Rhino. 190
    core army. I know, only 3 squads at 2000 pts, but I prefer retributors/seraphims to these guys, and they might as well get ignored...

    8 Seraphims, 2x Pistols, 1x Evis. 205
    8 Seraphims, 2x Pistols, 1x Evis. 205
    8 Seraphims, 2x Pistols, 1x Evis. 205
    gods with wings, they can literally take on anything ! (with some planning/support indeed)

    8 Retributors, 4x HB, Simulacrum. 141
    8 Retributors, 4x HB, Simulacrum. 141
    8 Retributors, 4x HB, Simulacrum. 141
    I know, no exorcist, what I'm I, an heretic ?? I simply prefer them to Exorcists. For 6 more points I get a decent number of wounds, with a 12 shots 36'' rending 75% (possibly more) of the time squad. They struggle against nothing except AV 14 (so does the exorcist, which is slightly better with his +1 on glancing results due to ap 1). In my dictionary, what they loose in movement, they make it in survivability and consistency of shots (rolling 2-3s on the exorcist is a pain...)

    That's a mighty 89 Power Armour models... for 1983 pts !

    5th edition come back game count : Dark Angels W5 L3 D4 Lucky games count : 3 (lol)
    Space Wolves W0 L1 D1
    8th Edition come back game count : Skaven W0 L0 D2 Games

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    115 (x6)

    Something to consider with the exorcist is that it's S8 and therefor instakills T4 models like Warriors/Paladins/Nobs. The other big thing is that it's also AP1, which basically means you're throwing around a 48" melta gun that gets a d6 shots. The biggest thin the Exorcist has over Retributers is range. 36" compared to 48" gives you a solid foot more of fire power. Now, the retributers have more in the ways of killing infantry and are arguably more durable, but considering that the exorcist is really the ONLY form of long range anti-tank prowess in the whole army, Rets fall by the way side. I do love them though and they usually make it into my lists at 2000 points, but they're one of the last things to go in after my minimum 2 exorcists, 10 Seras with flamers, Celestine, 1 troop per 500 points and Dominions.

    Seraphim are good, I love them, and they are my favorite unit in the book, but I can not justify taking 3 squads of them. One full squad of 10 with Celestine is enough. Why? Any more and you're taking away from Dominions, which are arguably the best unit in the codex. They can have up to 4 special weapons, have scouts, are the only place worth taking an Immolator, get twin-linked, and best of all are cheap. 125 points gets you two scouting meltas in a rhino. 160 gets you a scouting TLMM with flamers. For whatever reason, Sisters of Battle have their best units stuck in Fast Attack and they should always be full usually with 2 Dominions squads and 1 Seraphim Squad. Seraphim rip apart almost anything with their flamers, but they can not deal with Terminators or multi-wound models.

    Still, give it a shot and find out what works, though chances are you'd be better off with the Space Marine codex. Oddly enough, you can make a better Sisters of Battle force with Blood Angels...
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