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Thread: 1850 Henchmen

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    1850 Henchmen

    Here's my idea, its kind of MSU henchmen spam with a twist.

    Librarian, might, shrouding, sanctuary, warp rift - 170


    3x Plasma cannon Servitors, 4x Hotshotlasgun Henchmen, Razorback w Psybolts - 146
    5x Death Cult Assassin, 2x Arco Flagellant, 2x Crusader, Razorback with Psybolts - 185
    3x Meltagun Henchmen, Razorback with Psycannon - 127
    3x Meltagun Henchmen, Chimera - 97
    3x Plasmagun Henchmen, 2x Hotshot lasgun Henchmen, Chimera - 115
    10x Grey Knight Strikers, Psybolts, Hammer, 2x Psycannon, Rhino - 290

    Stormraven, TL Lascannon, TL Multimelta - 205

    Techmarine, Warding Stave, Blind, Rad and Psychotroke Grenades - 145

    2x Psyflemen Dreadnoughts - 270

    The plasma cannon servitors with henchmen sit with Cotaez in the reinforced cover from the techmarine, unleashing fury on the heretics...

    The death cult ride with the techmarine and librarian in the stormraven.

    Everyone else is mech'd up zipping around capturing objectives and shooting the crap outta everything!

    Thoughts/ideas? anyone tried something like this before?

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    You're wasting the potential of Coteaz being in the midfield. He has sanctuary, and fairly good stats(especially when he has hammerhand on). I would drop the servitors that he is babysitting, and add something else that is fairly long range. If you want blasts then go for psykers, who can also sit i the cover, with the same range, and also scoring (as long as you give them one warrior acolyte.

    I'd drop the arco flagellants. Just buy more death cults assassins.

    There's a couple of other things that I might change but they're really just a matter of preference (like the warding stave on the techmarine).

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