Getting back into the game again after I saw the thunder wolf and fenrisian wolf models. Always wanted to play with them but never wanted to convert them. Here is the list I want to try.


Canis Wolfborn (join squad of fenrisian wolves)

Wolf Lord w/ Thunder Hammer, Storm Shield, Runic Armor, Eternal Warrior, Thunderwolf mount. (join squad of Thunderwolves)


Wolf Guard w/ Powerfist (pack leader for grey hunter squad, no combi weapon because footslogging)


10 Grey Hunters: 2x plasma, mark of wolfen (camp on objective and shoot)

15 fenrisian wolves

15 fenrisian wolves

14 fenrisian wolves


3 Thunderwolf Cavalry, 1 Storm Shield and 1 thunderhammer (on different models)


6 Long fangs w/ 5 missile launcher

6 Long fangs w/ 5 missile launcher

1500 points exactly

for 1850 I'll add another squad of long fangs and thunderwolf cavalry equipped just as the ones above.

Obviously I may have trouble with objectives with only 1 scoring unit, hopefully the mobility of the army can keep them alive. Is the list competitive? Does it look fun? Is there enough anti-tank? Any other thoughts or criticism welcome.