Here a new list i though i might use, wondering what u guys thinks, i want a good all around list where I can hold my ground against my friends (mainly eldar, IG and nids or chaos), i really like my command squad as i play a sort of fluff army (Ultramarine 5th company with Quintus sextus as captain, Poor Galenus is now the 5th company second dreadnought)
Here my list, i play mostly against friends (either eldar, IG or Nids) but i would appreciate any comment or idea to improve my list.


Space marine Captain
- Artificier armor, relic blade, storm shield 160pts

Command squad
- Compagnie Champion, Banner, powerfist , melta gun Razorback with TLAC 255pts


10 tactical marine
- Melta gun, multi-melta, power fist rhino 235pts

10 tactical marine
- Melta gun, multi-melta, power fist rhino 235pts


- Assault Cannon 115pts

- Assault Cannon 115pts

Fast attack

3 space marine attack bike
- with multi-melta 150pts

Heavy support

Vindicator 115pts

- lascannon 120pts

Total : 1500pts

my last game against IG didnt go very well, i went up againts 4 leman russ and 5 chimera packed with vet squad (total of 6 melta and 9 plasma) they eat my rhinos and blew all my guys into pieces, lost my 2 tacs , 2 dreads and 2 preds. Either i wasnt lucky or Autocannons really suck at getting chimeras. Only my captain did well, he got a chimera with command squad and officer, plus a leman russ destroyed and one immobilized. so i got rid of most of my autocanon i usually fielded. I figued this list is still good all around and can hurt IG armor more easily i hope.

thanks in advance for comments and pointers.