Hi All,

Am entering a 40K tournie in doubles and am struggling to make some decisions so getting the LO community to help. I have made a custom chapter of marines and have the following to build a list that meets these requirements:
1 HQ, 1 Troop (min), 1 Elite, 1 Fast, 1 Heavy. If i want to take a second elite/fast/heavy need to have 1Elite, 1 Fast and 1 Heavy first.

I have pretty much every model going in the 40k codex except a baal predator, stormraven, predator, Thunderwolf cav or whirlwind (not against a storm raven or baal predator).

I would like some ideas for armies, been playing with a variety of lists (including chaos based ones). My partner is running a Stormraven, Reclusiarch, 5 death company (all with jump packs), Furisio Dread and Baal Predator (flamestorm)....so effectively i can do as i please FoC wise or if i need an extra elite he will take DC dread.

I have tampered with:

SW: Libby, Grey Hunters (5man), Lone wolf in termie with MoW and S/S (x2), 5 x Wolves, Long Fangs (2 Las, 2 ML) and a Vindi with Siege Shield.

BA: Gabriel Seth, Assault Squad in Razorback, Furisio Dread, Vindi, Bike Squad (meltas and pf), 5 sternguard

Chaos: Lord with MoT and DW, 5 CSM (melta/pf), Plasma Havocs in Rhino, Bike Squad, Chosen (4 PW/1Flamer, MoS)

Any other ideas or variations that people can think of? Or any ways to refine my current lists