I am determined to make a good footslogging space marine list and the space wolves, in my opinion, are the best for this type of army.

Here is what I have decided so far

HQ: Rune Priest w/ Living Lightning, Jaws and Chooser of slain and wolf tail talisman 115


Squad 1: 10 Grey Hunters, 2x melta, standard 165
Squad 2: 10 Grey Hunters, 2x melta, standard 165
Squad 3: 5 Grey Hunters, plasma gun 85 (camp on objectives)


5 Wolf Scouts, 1 melta: 85

9 Wolf Guard, 5 terminator, 4 power armor pack leaders: 427 points

Power Weapon/Combi-melta
Power Weapon/ Combi-plasma
Power Weapon/ Combi-melta/ Cyclone Missile (they can fire combi-weapon with Cyclone Missile Launcher right?)
Wolf Claw/ Combi-plasma
Thunder Hammer (I prefer them to chainfist but will take arguments for either), combi-melta or plasma (haven't decided which yet for this last one)
A Drop Pod (the one vehicle)

Pack Leaders
Grey Hunter Squad 1: Power fist, combi melta
Grey Hunter Squad 2: Power fist, combi melta
Grey Hunter Squad 3: combi-plasma
Wolf scout pack leader: Power fist, combi-melta

5 Thunder Wolves: 315
Thunder Hammer, Storm Shield, Melta Bombs

6 Long Fangs, 5 missiles

Total: 1497 points

51 infantry, 1 Drop Pod.

I really like the idea of Thunderwolves, and I love the versatility of the Terminators compared to other Marine Codex. Any comments on this list are welcome. I want it to be good enough for tournaments at my local game store (which is semi-casual).