Top Brass[6]
Company Commander - PF, BP, MB
Fleet Officer
Lascanon, Vox
182 pts


Platoon “Kero”[36]
Platoon Commander - BP, MB
3x GL or Flamers
102 pts

(1) and (2) --> [21]
Commissar - PW
Sgt. 1 - PW, MB
Sgt. 2 - PW, MB
2x AC, 2x Plasma gun, Vox
230 pts

(3) --> [10]
Sgt. 3
1x AC, 1x Meltagun
70 pts

Veteran ‘Reaping Rabbits’ [10]
Master Sgt w/ Shotgun
3x Melta, 6x Shotguns
155 pts

Fast Attack

Sentinel Squadron
2x Scout Sentinels - 2x MultiLaser, 1x Hunter Killer
80 pts

Heavy Support

Tank Squadron
Leman Russ Demolisher - Hull LC
180 pts


Total: 999 pts.

Max kill points: 11
Min kill points: 9
Troops: 5

So this is my balanced 1K list so far, I think I covered most of the bases of a good list (anti-meq/teq, obj holding, kill pts, anti-hvy tanks, and anti-transports).

The blob platoon sit and camp center objectives or merge together if its a KP mission.
HQ babysits the platoon with orders, and orders itself to snipes at Tanks or MCs with BS4 Lascanon.
Going by SandWyrm's tank tactics Demolisher moves up on a flank with PCS and Vets in Chimera behind to grab objectives or kill stuff.
Sentinel's outflank or scout to annoy opponent.

Thoughts and criticism welcome .

As for going to 1500 pts:
I've got these vehicles in the works:
2 - Valks/Vends WIP.
1 - Basilisk (trying to tear it off to get the Hull)
1 - Basilisk Hull (converting to Hydra) WIP.