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    Star Wars Sith themed Imperial Guard Army (1500pts-2000)

    1500 PT star wars theme army benchmark:
    -Company comman squad with Colonelstraken(As the evil leader), medi pac, master of ordnance(possible removal), 1 body guard, carapace armour,crak grenades, mounted in chimera(with heavy stubber)---295 pts

    -Primaris Pysker—70 pts I figured a must. Love him to bits.

    Infantry platoon
    -PCS- 4 grenade launchers-- 50pts/ maybe melta's IF i can scare up the points

    -Infantry squad, grenade launcher---55pts ----(Commisar/s?)

    -Infantry squad, grenade launcher---55pts

    -Infatry squad, grenade launcher---55pts

    (heavy weapons team- two autocannons, one heavy bolter---75 pts

    heavy weapons team- threelascannons---105 pts) both heavies un-included in points makeup but possible inclusion.


    -Storm trooper squad (9man) with grenadelauncher and flame thrower, power weapon-- 169pts

    -Psyker battle squad (9 man+overseer) mounted in Chimera--- 165 pts (I have another pysker squad I was thinking of taking, bringing my total to 18 across two units)


    -Armoured sentinel squad (3) withautocannons, camo netting and smoke canisters---200 pts

    -Scout sentiel squad (3) with multilasers, camo netting and smoke canisters---120 pts


    -Griffon Mortar tank—75 pts

    -Leman Russ Battle tank, heavy boltersponsons, lascannon—185 pts

    (1494 pts total without heavy weaponsteams, definetly need some melta but really unsure of what to drop. Ilove sentinels and want to try and keep them, as well the psykersremain a cornerstone of the army.)
    Any advice is appreciated, Hoping to be a fun army not really a tournament or game crusher list. I have seen a lot of local Guard players with Vet/Chimera spam, seems cool but I wanted to try a little different.

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    Company Command Squad
    Drop the medi pack to expensive. The master of ordnance will be useless if your moving in a chimera. Give the veterans grenade launchers, flamers or melta guns so they can shoot on the move then assault straken is a beast.

    Primaris Pysker

    Storm Trooper Squad
    I'd keep the storm trooper squad small.

    Psyker battle squad
    Good for lowering leadership and making models retreat off the edge of the board.


    Platoon Command Squad
    Good could also put meltas on them if you take a chimera.

    Infantry Squad
    Good could add some auto cannons and a commissar in it if combing squads.

    Heavy Weapons Squad
    I've used them before with laser cannons keep a command squad next to them so they cantwin link the laser cannons.

    Fast Attack
    Drop all camo netting on sentinels & drop the armored sentinels for more scout sentinels to save some points.

    Heavy Support
    Drop the heavy bolter sponsons on the leman russ battle tank
    Last edited by nacho cheese; April 16th, 2012 at 20:53.

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