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    1750pts needing advice!

    After a few shenanigins at a recent tournament (i used my SW- you don't want to know what happened...), i'm thinking of up-gunning my GK for any that i happen to attend in the future.

    so here goes... with what i have come up with so far


    grandmaster- master crafted nemesis sword- 180


    2x 10 man GKSS- 2 psycannons- rhino- 520pts

    5 terminators- psycannon, hammer, 4 halberds- 225

    5 terminators- psycannon, hammer, 1 pair of force falchions, 3 halberds- 230

    Heavy support

    Dreadnought- 2X autocannons, psybolts- 135

    Dreadnought- 2X autocannons, psybolts- 135

    landraider- 255 (ok not that competitive... but i'll use it as a gunboat )

    total- 1680pts with 70 left over (approx...)

    its far more 'competitive' than my twin stormraven raven list- but i am a little stumped as what to do

    any advice will be much appreciated- i'll confess i'm not sure what i am doing! :o

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    HQ: Librarians can be fun but this guy is also good for the grand strategy. Take Rad genades for that extra kick in combat.

    Troops: Add a hammer and Psybolts to both GKSS units. Termies are fine but better to always have 1 sword in each unit for the 4+ invulnerable in combat. In fact why not make the termies 1x10 then when you allocate the grand strategy to them they all get the benefit then combat squad so one extra unit can scout, reroll 1's to wound etc. It would also make psybolts viable.

    Heavy: All fine. You could take a LRR + Multimelta instead of the standard LR

    Your 70 points = 2 hammers, 3 psybolts and drop a falchion and a mastercraft maybe. Rad grenades would involve only 2 psybolts and keep the mastercraft.
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    Its a good base for a list, a hammer and psybolts are almost a must on 10man strikers. I find if I use a GM over a Libby I may as well take minimum troops and just use Grand Strategy to make more units scoring, so in this case I would drop the Termies and take a nicely kitted out unit of Paladins, switch the LR to a Crusader for extra leg room, and bobs your uncle! Another option would be to drop the LR and walk/DS the Paladins, this would give you enough points for another Psyfleman dread and allow you to take a full 10man Paladin unit blinged out for wound allocation, either way it will make your list alot more competitive.

    Just some thoughts


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