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    a 2000 point blob with yarrick and a ton of missiles

    hq- yarrick
    hq- CCS with kell 3 snipers astropath
    hq priest eviscrator

    Troop1 PCS with 4 GL Commissar and PF and Ppistol on commander and commissar

    5 squads with commisars PW with sgt and Commisars (for a 30 and 20combined squad during deployment)

    5 ML teams

    2 special wep teams 2 plasma 1 demo

    troop2 penal squad (with priest attached) just needed a second troop choice

    elite1 5 storm troopers 2 meltas

    elite2 5 storm troopers 2 meltas

    the stratagy is to make a big human wall of guard with yarrick attached (which makes the unit fearless within 12 inches) and stretch it around to get cover saves. have missile teams behind the giant squad to take orders from CCS fire at targets with 15! missile launchers. penal squad, PCS, and speacial weapons squads can run around killing things or capturing objectives. While the Storm squads can take out heavy vehicles and artillery with deep striking.

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    HQ: Drop Yarrik. Fearless or stuborn on your big platoons. Well I would rather have stubborn anyday. 30 man blob vs 10 khorne berserkers will mean you loose 15 guys then make your attacks back killing 5 lets say. If you are stubborn you take a Ld 9 test ignoring the -10 modifier and reroll if you fail (loosing a sarge in the process). This means you should only fail one time in 36 and as long as you don't allocate wounds to a commisar he cannot be picked out. If you were fearless you don't take the ld test but loose another 7 men to 10 wounds.

    Troops: Don't take commisars in the PCS as it cannot mob up. Take 1 commissar per blob. HWS are fine but you might as well upgrade some to lascannon. SWS shouldn't ever get to fire is the enemy knows what he is doing. With points saved from yarrik and a few commisars I would look at changing the penal legion into another mob platoon.

    Elites: Fine.
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    I would expect most enemies to hang back, pick off the HW squads (your only ranged firepower, and easy to do as they'll be clinging to your HQ like groupies at a rock concert) and run the clock out. When game's end approaches, they could charge the superblob with something durable (a walker, Monstrous Creature or bike squad would work) to yank them off your home objective. If you avoid this by advancing the superblob then bolter fire and blast templates can reduce it to a manageable size.

    Building on Mad Cat's advice, distributing some of your launchers in conventional infantry blobs would allow you to drop both Kell and Yarrick with no drawback. His suggested second platoon would also give you the option of making this a decent Straken list, which would address your mobility issues.

    Attaching the priest means the Penal Legion loses Scout. That rule is half the reason for taking them. I doubt he'll get the chance to swing anyway.

    The Commie/powerfist PCS is a decent countercharger except they won't have much room to countercharge. Not around a blob of 30+.
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