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    800pts Imperial Fists

    Hey guys started a Imperial Fists army tell me what you think so far

    Captain Eshara
    hellfire Rounds
    Power weapon

    Tactical Squad Dominatus
    10 space Marines
    Plasma Gun
    Missile Launcher
    Razorback, Heavy Bolter

    Tactical Squad Primus
    10 Space Marines
    Heavy Bolter
    Drop pod, Storm Bolter

    Brother Dreadnought Titus
    Twin-Linked Lascannon
    Dreadnought close combat arm, storm bolter
    Drop Pod, deathwind Missile Launcher

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    Imperial fists with no thunder hammers, torm sheilds, Vindicators, Landraiders, Ironclads or veterans?

    From a playing perspective - you have a 10 man unit in a razorback, I get that 5 of them are going off as a combat unit with the captain, but you didn't give them a power weapon so they're not going to be at all effective. Captains are a waste in shooting units, you're better off with a Librarian. I routinely don't take a captain at all unless its Lysander, they just don't fit into units very well. Chaplains with jump packs/terminator armour are great for assault and Librarians are good for shooting units - Captains tend to get misused quite easily.

    Drop-podding your dreadnought with a TL lascannon seems like a waste of long range firepower.

    Assuming this is what you already have, to get to 1000 points I would recommend a choice of assault terminators or scouts and a vindicator. Vindicators are very fluffy for IF and pack a huge punch for not many points, scouts give you a third scoring unit and assault terminators are again very fluffy (TH/SS) and with a Chaplain and twin LC's pack a huge amount of attacks re-rolling misses and to wound with no saves.

    Don't intend to be mean, but I play IF too and non-fluff adhering or non-sensical army lists for them get under my skin :-P
    'War does not determine who is right, only who is left'
    I am President of the Brunel University wargames society - PM me if interested.

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