So with some advise from my other lists especially my 1000 points one i have come up with this 1500 for a tournament in June

1500 point Greyknight armylist (Ragnos)


Grandmaster with incinerator, Nemesis Daemon Hammer, psychtroke grenades 200 points (Grandmaster Ragnos)


7x Greyknight strike squad with Pyscannon, Nemesis daemon hammer Pysbolts 180 points
7x Greyknight strike squad with Pyscannon, 150 points

5x GreyKnight Paladin Squad with 2x Pyscannon,(Master Crafted x2) 3 ForceHalberds 1 (Master Crafted) Nemesis Daemon Hammer, 1 force sword 330 points

Venerable Dreadnought with Assault cannon and Pysbolt ammunition 190 points

Venerable Dreadnought with 2x Twinlinked Autocannon and Pysbolt Ammunition 195 points


Landraider 255 points
1500 points

Now the basic idea was bulk up what i have already so increase the size of the GKSS but keeping the numbers even thing, And then also Give my grandmaster A landraider to ride in with his Paladins and new grenade for him to play with =D, and then with 20 points left over i though i could justify the use of giving pysbolts to one my GKSS, Now i have to admit i do feel bit nit picky about it i mean upgraded the Dreads to to Venerable so they are hitting on 2+ now and have that nice effect of making my opponent re roll on the damage table if i choose so. =D But i'm thinking in my mind are those 60 points each justified for what i get? I mean essentially i could for 120 points (6x Greyknights) to have two 10x GKSS? But what do you guys think following this kinda idea for the list?