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Thread: 1500 List

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    1500 List

    Here is a list I made for 1500

    HQ: Grand Master 175

    Elite: 2X 10 Purifiers 600
    4 Psycannons
    5 Halberds
    1 MC Warhammer
    1X 5 Paladins 350
    2 Psycannons
    7 MC Weapons (Psycs+Halberds MCed)

    Troops: 2X 5 Grey Knights 200

    Heavy Support: 2X Razorback 160
    TL Assault Cannon
    Psybolt Ammo

    TOTAL: 1500

    What do you guys think? I plan on running the GM and Paladin squad together, and combat sqauding the purifiers. I would like to squeeze in another Razorback (same load out as the other 2)

    Would it be better to just take Crowe at 150 instead of 200 points of marines to meet the troop requirement?

    Thanks in advance!

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    I find that 5 paladins isnt enough ten for the win with halberds, 4x psycannons, psybolt ammo and a apothercary works very nicely. If u defo want termies then take them as troop choice instead of paladins. also try and get as many halberds and psycannons in the list as possible.
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