I am going to throne of skulls in July and I would like to get some feedback about the effectivness of my list. It has won one and lost one(the second one was kill points). Could anyone give me any suggestions on how to make it better ? its main weakness is the amount of kill points it gives to the enemy, does anyone have any solutions?

Black templar’s infiltrating list
2 x Reclusiach with infiltrate and frag grenades – 192
Emperors champion – 140(preferred enemy for the whole army)
Castellan with lightning claw, storm shield, terminator honors’ with frag and infiltrate - 140
2 x Command squad including 5x Initiates w/ 2x melta gun, infiltrate and frag grenades and and apothecary– 270

3 x tactical squad with 5 initiates with 3 plasma cannons and plasma gun -323
5x initiates with drop pod with melta gun- 130
2x Venerable dreadnaughts with missile launcher and lascannon and tank hunter – 330