Playing in a doubles tournament soon, bringing traitor guard as one army, and potentially grey knights as the other.

The guard army is fixed, no time to paint anything else, and I don't own other models.

It is as follows:

Company command, vox, autocannon
Psyker battle squad, Chimera
Vets, 3 meltaguns, vox, Chimera
Inf Platoon:
Inf Command Squad, Vox
Inf Squad, Lascannon, Comissar with PW, Sarg with PW, Vox
Inf Squad, Lascannon, Sarg with PW

I was planning on bringing a mid range support army to wither the enemy in a hail of high S bullets, or just be paladins whatever!

here are the two options I was toying with:

Cotaez -
5 Paladins, 2x Psycannon, All equipped different
3 Henchemn, Razorback w psybolts and assault Cannon (Psycannon)
3 Henchemn, Razorback w Psycannon
3 Heavy Bolter Servitors, 6 Henchmen, Chimera
Psyfleman Dread
Psyfleman Dread

The paladins jack the chimera and run and gun towards the enemy flanked by the psycannon razorbacks, laying down a lot of firepower... and being a cc house to deal with.

List 2:

OH Inquisitor with Psyocculum.
3x PLasma Cannon Servitors, 5x boltgun henchemn, chimera
10x Strikers, Psybolts, 2x Psycannon, Hammer, Psycannon Razorback
5x Strikers, Psycannon, Hammer, Psycannon Razorback
Psyfleman Dread
Psyfleman Dread

The 10 man strike squad jacks the chimera in this list, shooting out the top. the OH inq is there to give enemy psykers a hard time with plasma cannons.

Which do you like better? do you think its a viable plan?